Freight Cost from China to Malaysia

The shipping methods of goods from China to Malaysia mainly include FCL transportation and LCL transportation , so the freight cost from China to Malaysia is also divided into FCL freight cost and LCL freight cost.

The FCL freight cost is charged according to the container model(做超链接,连”Introduction of container size”). The commonly used container type is ordinary container, and the most commonly used models are 20 ft container and 40 ft container. The reference prices are USD 1600 for 20 ft container and USD 3200 for 40 ft container.

The freight cost of LCL transportation is calculated based on the volume and weight of the goods, means freight cost per kg and freight cost per cbm, and the higher of the two is selected to be charged. You can click on” How to Calculate Basic Shipping Fee” article to learn more. 

Freight Cost from China to Malaysia

It should be noted that freight cost is not static and will be affected by many factors. You can click on the article “Factors Affecting Shipping Fee” for more information.

If you have goods to be transported from China to Malaysia, please contact a professional freight forwarding company to make a specific and targeted freight cost quotation for you.

You can contact freight forwarding company in Malaysia, or freight forwarding agent in China, this two have some difference, you can check in the article “Why more users prefer Chinese freight forwarder to foreign local freight forwarder?

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Shipping Ports from China to Malaysia

From China to Malaysia, there are multiple ports of departure and destination. Generally, the nearest port is selected according to the location and destination of the goods. Voyage times and freight cost may vary from port to port.

Port of Departure in China:  China’s Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other ports can freight forwarding goods to Malaysia by sea transportation.

Destination Port in Malaysia: Port Klang is the main port from China to Malaysia. It is the largest port in Malaysia, divided into two ports, north and south, with complete infrastructure. There are roads, railways, air, and water transportation to form a three-dimensional logistics and transportation network, making it the largest logistics transshipment center in Malaysia.

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Shipping time from China to Malaysia

The shipping time from China to the Malaysian port is generally about 4-10 days, which varies according to different ports and shipping companies.

The voyage from the Pearl River Delta region of China to Malaysia is the fastest, Shenzhen to Port Klang is generally 4-6 days, if from Shanghai Port to Port Klang, the voyage is about 6-12 days. For door-to-door service, it takes around 14-21 days.

The main time is to go through the export and import procedures at the checkpoints of the two countries. This time varies due to the different customs declaration speeds in different regions, so it is suitable for general goods that are not in urgent need.

Precautions and Required Data

The precautions and required product data for sea transportation from China to Malaysia are as follows:

1. Suspected goods not made in China or infringing goods cannot be carried.

2. Please provide detailed packing data when shipping, including specific material, product name, size, quantity, brand and model, etc. The freight forwarding company will prepare relevant information based on these data.

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