Shipping fee from China to Philippines

The international sea transportation of goods from China to Philippines mainly includes FCL transportation , and LCL transportation, so the shipping fee china to philippines is also divided into FCL shipping fee and LCL shipping fee.

The shipping fee of FCL transportation is generally charged according to the container type(做超链接,连”Introduction of container size”). The commonly used container types for shipping are 20-foot container and 40-foot container. The reference shipping fee is USD 1,700 for a 20-foot container and USD 3,300 for a 40-foot container.

It should be noted that shipping fee is not fixed and will be affected by many factors. You can click the article “Factors Affecting Shipping Fee” for more information.

LCL transportation is suitable for the situation that a single owner’s goods are not enough to fill a standard container. The shipping fee of LCL transportation is calculated based on the cargo volume and weight to do shipping fee accounting, then make shipping fee comparison, finally take the higher one be charged. We have introduction and shipping cost examples in the article ”How to Calculate Basic Shipping Fee”, you can click to view more.

In order to help more users to understand the relevant knowledge of freight forwarding from China to the Philippines, we also introduce the port of departure, port of destination, shipping fee, shipping company, container size selection and operation process etc. contents more comprehensively from China to the Philippines in the article Sea Transportation from China to Philippines. If you are interested, you can also click to browse.

Shipping fee China to Philippines

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