What can a freight forwarding agent do for you?

Freight forwarding agent is an indispensable and important part of international trade. freight forwarding agent role is to contact the consignor, consignee and carrier. Good freight forwarding agent can help you deal with a lot of troubles matter.

What is freight forwarding agent?

Freight forwarding agent meaning is the international freight forwarding company accepts the entrustment of the consignee, consignor or its agent of the export goods, to handle thecustoms clearance, inspection, handover, distribution, warehousing, packaging transshipment, insurance, booking and other services on behalf of the client within the scope of authorization.

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The function of freight forwarding agent is to assist the client to complete the relevant work of the international transportation of goods, including preparing relevant documents, completing customs clearance, assisting in arranging bulk cargo, etc., mainly start business around the “delivery”.

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Duties of freight forwarding agent

1) Arrange suitable packaging of goods and choose the transportation route of goods by the fastest and most economical freight shipping methods.

2) Suggest warehousing and distribution to customers.

3) Choose a reliable and efficient carrier, be responsible for concluding a contract of carriage.

4) Assemble goods into containers.

 5) Warehousing the goods before shipment at the port of origin and distribution at the destination.

6) Arrange the goods transportation to the port, assist in the customs and related documents, and deliver the goods to the carrier.

 7) On behalf of the shipper to pay the freight shipping prices and customs duties.

 8) Obtain the bill of lading from the carrier and hand it to the shipper.

9) Accurately do freight forwarder tracking and control the whole process of cargo transportation, to ensure the shipper and consignee know the progress of the goods.

10) When the goods arrive at the destination port, can provide freight forwarding customs brokerage services for the consignee, assist in providing the documents required for import, such as: bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, etc., and help them go through customs clearance procedures to the customs, to make the goods efficiently and accurately delivered to the consignee.  

It should be noted that not all services are obligation for freight forwarding agent. For example, customs clearance and local transportation at the destination port are additional freight forwarding agent service. If you need, you can agree on the freight forwarding agent jobs when signing a formal freight forwarding agent agreement to avoid disputes

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Benefits of freight forwarding services

Choosing a suitable freight forwarding agent, in addition to the communication of normal freight forwarding agent jobs, can also bring more convenience to the cargo owner, especially when you do not know all the links and processes of international import and export transportation, the freight forwarding agent can help you deal with all kinds of difficult problems and reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

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