Sea Transportation from China to Indonesia

CHONGQING EVERLAST INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING CO., LTD is a professional freight forwarder, provides international FCL sea transportation and LCL sea transportation services from major ports in China to ports in Indonesia, with preferential ocean freight rates, professionally designed transportation solutions, comprehensive services, and can provide delivery, booking,trailer transport , warehousing, customs declaration and inspection, agency certificate and freight shipping insurance and other one-stop freight forwarding services.

Main Sea Transportation Business

1)FCL Sea Transportation to Indonesia

FCL shipping includes two situations:

First is the traditional FCL sea transportation , which means that the goods are transported in standard containers of 20 feet or 40 feet, and all the goods in the entire container belong to the same buyer and come from the same supplier. In this way, customers can transport the goods to freight forwarder warehouse by themselves, or contact us to arrange trailer transport services to go to the loading address for hauling.

The second is the new type of container sea transportation, it is also a full-container FCL transportation, the goods in the container also belong to the same buyer, but come from different suppliers in different regions. the customer purchases goods from different places to make up a container.

In this way, the sellers will deliver the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarder. After receiving the goods, the freight forwarder will confirm the number, weight and volume and other information of each batch of goods with the buyer, after confirming, the freight forwarder will do the integrated container loading and follow-up shipping related matters.

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2)  bulk cargo LCL Sea Transportation to Indonesia

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LCL cargo sea transportation means that the goods in the same container belong to different consignees. Under the LCL mode of transportation, customers can transport the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarder, or contact freight forwarder to arrange trucks to pick up the goods at the factory address. After the goods arrive, freight forwarder will classify the goods according to the nature and destination, then load the container, and carry out the process of booking, customs declaration etc., and deliver cargo to the ports in Indonesia designated by the customer

Port of Departure for the Sea Transportation from China to Indonesia

Many ports in China can do sea transportation to major basic ports in Indonesia. The ports of departure in China include Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Guangzhou etc., Direct shipping or transfers to major ports in Indonesia are available. You can choose the nearest one according to the location of your goods.

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Destination port for Sea Transportation from China to Indonesia

Indonesia’s sea transportation industry is developing rapidly. Jakarta port and Surabaya port are the two most important ports in Indonesia.


JAKARTA is the third largest port in Southeast Asia and the largest container port in Indonesia. Its foreign trade throughput accounts for more than 50% of Indonesia’s input. The main industries include shipbuilding, automobile assembly, machinery, building materials, textiles, tires, fertilizers, food processing and chemicals. Imported goods mainly include machinery, steel, rice, medicines, household appliances, cattle and sugar.

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SURABAYA is the second largest port in Indonesia after Jakarta and an important hub of the Southeast Asia line. There mainly have shipbuilding, oil refining, machinery manufacturing and other industries near the port. Imported goods mainly include electrical equipment, glassware, textiles, chemical products, ceramics, machinery and equipment, coal and cement. Night shifts are also possible during holidays if prior approval from the Port Authority is obtained.


BELAWAN located on the northwest coast of Sumatra Island in western Indonesia, near the Strait of Malacca, it is one of the main ports of Sumatra. The imported goods mainly include rice, flour, fertilizer, oil and cement, etc.

In addition to transporting to the above ports, we also undertake cargo sea transportation business to other ports in Indonesia, welcome to consult us.

How much is the ocean freight from China to Indonesia?

Generally, the ocean freight from China to Indonesia is about USD 1600 for a 20 ft container, and about USD 3200 for a 40 ft container.

The above ocean freight prices are for reference only. According to different ports of departure and destination, different shipping companies, date changes and other factors, the corresponding ocean freight are also different.

If you need an accurate ocean freight quotation, please click WHATSAPP to contact us.

Our advantage:

• Focus on freight forwarding services related to sea transportation

Provide domestic and foreign customers with FCL, LCL, bulk cargo shipping agency related services, such as cargo collection, booking, trailer transport, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, agency certificate of origin, agency freight shipping insurance, agency inspection and quarantine etc. one-stop international sea transportation services.

• Undertake the whole process agency or handle the services before and after the arrival of imported goods, assist customers in preparing various documents, and provide customs declaration, unpacking, etc. at foreign destination ports, as well as inland transportation consulting services;

• Has close and friendly cooperation with internationally renowned shipping companies such as COSCO, MSK, MSC, EVG, etc., enjoys preferential ocean freight rates on many freight shipping routes, and can get priority in obtaining shipping space and priority transportation even when the space is limited;

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• With a global service network, based on comprehensive freight forwarding services, we can customize logistics solutions and project freight solutions according to customer requirements such as timeliness and ocean freight.

• We have professionals stuff to communicate with you in a timely manner to provide you with extended services related to maritime logistics from China to Indonesia, which greatly guarantees the on-time arrival and timely delivery of goods, shortens the transit time of goods, and improves the efficiency of sea transportation.

• Provide a full range of services such as tracking the shipment of goods, so that you can know the progress of the order at any time, which is conducive to arranging the next work.

The container type for general cargo shipping is usually ordinary container, and there are three commonly container sizes:

1. 20 feet container (20’GP): 20ft container size is 5.89*2.35*2.39M (L*W*H), Theoretically, it can load 30 CBM, the actual load 25—27CBM, and load weight 18—23 tons.

2. 40 feet general container (40’GP): the 40ft container size is 11.89*2.35*2.39M (L*W*H), the theoretical load 60 CBM, the actual size is 55-57CBM, and load weight 18-23 tons.

3. 40 feet height container (40’HQ/40’HC): the inner size is 11.89*2.35*2.69M (L*W*H), its theoretical installation is 73 CBM, the actual installation is 68-70CBM, and 18-23 tons.

Generally speaking, the 20ft container is more suitable for the shipment of small volume but heavy-weight goods, and the 40 ft container is suitable for the shipment of larger volume but slightly smaller weight goods. For the shipment of general goods, our preliminary suggestion for container model selection is:

1) When your goods are about 15-28 cubic meters, you can choose a 20’GP

2) When your cargo is about 30-55 cubic meters, you can choose a 40’GP

3) When your cargo is about 55-68 cubic meters, you can choose a 40’HQ/40’HC container

The above suggestions are only for reference of general cargo shipment. The specific plan needs to be formulated according to the actual situation of the cargo. Please contact us for detailed consultation.

There are many shipping companies to choose from for shipping from China to Indonesia, but different shipping companies have different advantageous freight shipping routes, different transportation speeds, and different ports, will lead to different ocean freight rates.

This requires a specific analysis according to the situation of the goods and customer needs (such as the location of the goods, the port of departure, the port of destination, transportation cost requirements, freight forwarding time requirements, etc.), and then make a shipping company recommendation and transportation plan that meets the customer’s needs.

Our company has established long-term and stable agency cooperative relations with internationally renowned high-quality shipping companies such as COSCO (COSCO), CSC (China Shipping), MSC (Maersk), Matson (Maersk), CMA (CMA CGM), EVG (Evergreen), etc. The shipping space is more guaranteed, the ocean freight rates is more favorable, so you can have more options.

We are always ready to achieve the most cost-effective freight forwarding purposes for you, welcome to contact us.

If your goods are general goods and no high requirement for transportation time, you can choose sea transportation. Usually, when your goods are larger than 15 square meters, you can consider 20ftt container or 40ft container FCL sea transportation (about 10-15 days);

If your goods are general goods and no high requirement for transportation time, you can choose sea transportation. Usually, when your goods are larger than 15 square meters, you can consider 20ft container or 40 ft container FCL sea transportation (about 10-15 days);

If the cargo is only a few cubic meters, or the weight is only a few hundred kilograms, LCL shipping can be considered, and if the timeliness requirements are high, air transportation is better choice (about 3 days).

International cargo transport mode mainly include sea transportation, land transportation (including rail transportation and road transportation), air transportation and multimodal transportation. The cargo owner needs to make a freight forwarding plan according to the cargo situation and the urgency of the demand, then choose the corresponding transport mode. We have compiled the factors to consider when choosing an international transport mode, and we hope it will be useful to you.

It should be noted that each transport mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are suitable for different cargo transportation situations. We have more detailed introductions in the article “International Cargo Transport Mode and Their Applicability”. You can click to read more to provide more reference for your decision.

Now many websites have shipping freight calculator to do ocean freight quotes online, you only need to enter some information, such as the name of the goods, the quantity of the goods, the size of the goods, the weight of the goods, the packaging of the goods, the mode of transportation, the port of departure, the port of destination, etc.) to get an ocean freight price.

However, we hereby kindly remind our users that the ocean freight quotation obtained through the online quotation system are usually inaccurate, to confirm the shipping cost is not such a simple thing. Even the ocean freight of FCL cargo transportation will be affected by factors such as shipping company, quotation validity period, etc., not to mention the ocean freight of LCL cargo.

The truly effective ocean freight needs to be contacted with the staff and make ocean freight quotation according to the actual situation of the goods and the specific needs of customers. Feel free to contact us for an accurate quote.

If you have goods to be transported from China to Indonesia, you must first determine the transport mode . You need to know the situation of the goods, such as what kind of goods will be shipped, the weight and volume of the goods, the packaging of the goods, whether there are time-limited requirements etc., and then see use LCL sea transportation, FCL sea transportation, or other transportation methods such as air transportation, and then carry out the follow-up booking, customs declaration, international freight forwarding and other processes.

The basic cargo transportation process is as follows

1. Confirm the freight forwarding method.

2. Confirm the ocean freight.

3. Confirm our warehouse address, shipping mark, etc.

4. Deliver the goods to the warehouse.

5. Shipping etc.

When the freight forwarding method is different, the specific operation process will also be different, you can click WHATSAPP to contact us for specific consultation.

There are many different cargo types in international freight forwarding, and their transportation requirements are different.

Our company is mainly engaged in the international freight forwarding of general goods, such as: leather, cloth, textiles, fibers and their products, plastic products, small commodities, ordinary furniture, kitchen utensils, hardware accessories, ordinary building materials, glass products, ceramic tiles, ordinary lamps, ceramic products, life bathroom, daily necessities, auto parts, motorcycle accessories, mechanical and electrical products, machinery, vehicles and electrical equipment, wires and cables, small electrical appliances ((induction cooker, electric kettle, microwave oven, fan, oven, etc.), electronic products, domestic Branded air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, TVs, major electrical appliances, computers (unlicensed), toys, machines, etc.

Other sensitive goods such as batteries, food, granules, cosmetics, skin care products, body wash/shampoo, detergent, liquid, etc. need to be confirmed with us separately.

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