Sea Transportation from China to Philippines

CHONGQING EVERLAST INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING CO., LTD provides international cargo sea transportation services from major ports in China to ports in Philippines, and handle one-stop freight forwarding services such as cargo collection, booking, trailer transport services, warehousing, customs declaration and inspection.

Our Main Freight Forwarding Operation

1) FCL sea transportation to Philippines (Philippines FCL)

The FCL sea transportation freight forwarding service (Full container load) provides by us is to ship the full container directly to the buyer designated port in Philippines by international sea transportation, providing customers with reliable, flexible and cost-effective international logistics shipping method.

Through our contracted shipping fee rate with shipping companies, we can provide shipping space guarantee and the most favorable shipping fee for your FCL container sea transportation to Philippines.

FCL sea transportation includes two situations:

First, all the goods in the container come from the same supplier, this is traditional container FCL transportation. Customers can transport the goods to our warehouse by themselves, or they can contact us to go to pick up goods from the factory.

Second, the goods in the container belong to the same buyer, but come from different suppliers in different regions, after the goods are delivered to the warehouse, the freight forwarder-we, will carry out integrated loading. This is our upgrade serve, customers can send the goods to our designated warehouse by themselves.

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2) LCL sea transportation to Philippines (Philippines LCL)

LCL sea transportation shipping fee (Less than container load) is billed according to the volume or weight of the goods. Customers can deliver the goods to freight forwarder designated warehouse by themselves, or contact us to pick up the goods. After the customer’s goods arrive, we will carry out the process of booking space, customs declaration, etc., and deliver the bulk cargo of different customers to various major container terminals in Philippines.

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Port of Departure in China

Many ports in China can ship to Philippines major basic ports.

The ports of departure in China include Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shantou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. They can direct ship or transfer to major ports in Philippines.

Which ports in Philippines can be shipped to?

1) The main port – MANILA

MANILA is one of the main ports on the Southeast Asia freight shipping routes and the largest seaport in Philippines.

Manila Port has 3 port areas: South Port, North Port and International Container Terminal. The International Container Terminal is a special terminal for foreign trade. The imported goods mainly include machinery, textiles, food, medicine, petroleum, cement, rice and general goods. Manila’s imports account for about 80% of the country’s imports.

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2) Other ports

In addition to shipping to Manila port, we also undertake cargo sea transportation business to other ports in Philippines.

CEBU is the import and export center of Cebu Island and the nearby small islands, and its annual throughput is second only to Manila Port. Imported goods mainly include coal, oil, wheat, rice, salt, hardware products and general goods. Homework can be arranged during holidays.

We also ship to DAVAO, ILOILO, GENERAL SANTOS port etc.,

Shipping Fee from China to Philippines

The sea freight cost from China to Manila, Philippines is about USD 1700 for a 20 ft container and USD 3300 for a 40 ft container.

For LCL shipping Philippines, shipping fee is based on the cargo weight or volume, means compare the shipping fee per kg and shipping fee per cbm, then take the larger one as finally freight amount.

Since the shipping quotation varies slightly with the season or the specifications of the goods, the above shipping fee only for reference. If you need an accurate shipping quotation, please click WHATSAPP to contact us.

Our advantages:

• Wide scope of freight forwarding services.

We can provide domestic and foreign customers with FCL, LCL and bulk cargo sea transportation freight forwarding agent service, such as cargo collection, booking, trailer transport services, customs declaration and inspection, agency certificate of origin, freight forwarder insurance, etc. At the same time, we can also provide customs declaration, unpacking and delivery services at foreign destination ports;

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• Issuing various types of intermodal bills of lading or freight forwarding documents including ocean bills of lading;

• Signed agreements with a number of high quality shipping companies to provide a variety of preferential shipping fee;

• According to customer requirements, design reasonable freight shipping routes and provide all-round freight forwarding services such as tracking of goods throughout the journey.

• Professional staff will communicate with you in a timely manner to provide you with extended services related to sea transportation logistics from China to Philippines, to greatly guarantees the on-time arrival and timely delivery of goods, shortens the transit time of goods, and improves the efficiency of sea transportation.

In international cargo freight forwarding, there are many container types, you need to choose the corresponding container for transportation according to different cargo types. The most commonly used container type is ordinary container, mainly in the following container sizes :

1. 20 feet container (20’GP): 20ft container size is 5.89*2.35*2.39M (L*W*H), Theoretically, it can load 30 CBM, the actual load 25—27CBM, and load weight 18—23 tons.

2. 40 feet general container (40’GP): the 40ft container size is 11.89*2.35*2.39M (L*W*H), the theoretical load 60 CBM, the actual size is 55-57CBM, and load weight 18-23 tons.

3. 40 feet height container (40’HQ/40’HC): the inner size is 11.89*2.35*2.69M (L*W*H), its theoretical installation is 73 CBM, the actual installation is 68-70CBM, and 18-23 tons.

In general, a 20ft container is suitable for heavy cargo, and a 40 ft container is suitable for light cargo. We recommend:

Cargo volume between 15-28 cubic meters is suitable for 20ft container;

Cargo volume between 30-55 cubic meters is suitable for 40ft general container (40’GP);

If cargo volume is around 55-68 cubic meters is suitable for 40ft high cube (40’HQ).

The above suggestions are for reference only, the specific plan needs to be formulated according to the actual situation of the goods, please contact us for detailed consultation.

There are many shipping companies from China to Philippines, including direct flights and transfer liners. Different ports of departure have different freight shipping routes, the ports of departure in South China generally have more direct shipping lines, while most of the ports of departure in North China require transit, this is depending on the destination port in Philippines.

Our company has established long-term agency cooperative relations with shipping companies such as COSCO, CSC, MSC, Matson, CMA, EVG, etc., can provide customers with faster information, more accurate shipping schedules, more sufficient space, and more reasonable shipping fee. We will recommend suitable shipping companies according to the needs of customers, so that customers can get a better freight forwarding services experience.

The main international cargo transport mode includes sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation and multimodal transportation, its selection generally depends on the demand for timeliness. The different timeliness demand will cause different transportation mode, and the transportation cost is different too.

If ignore the timeliness requirement, the transportation mode will mainly depend on the goods situation. The following methods are recommended:

1) If your goods are larger than 20 cubic meters, you can choose the FCL sea transportation, there are 20 ft container and 40 ft container available, the voyage is about 10 days.

2) If the goods are only a few cubic meters, or hundreds of kilograms, you can choose LCL bulk cargo sea transportation. The shipping time is about 15 days. If the time limit is relatively high, you can choose air transportation, it will take only around 3 days.

We’ve compiled some of the factors to consider when choosing a transport mode, you can click this article “What factors need to be considered when choosing an international transport mode?” to see more details.

If you have goods want to transport from China to Philippines, first of all, you need to know what kind of goods you want to transport, what mode of transport to use, the quantity and the volume of the goods, the name of the goods, the packaging of the goods and the timeliness requirements. Then determine whether you need LCL transportation or FCL sea transportation

The cargo transportation process is simple:

  1. Confirm the shipping method.
  2. Confirm shipping fee.
  3. Confirm the warehouse address of our company and transport the goods.
  4. Deliver the goods to freight forwarder warehouse.
  5. Freight forwarder counts the goods and confirms with the guests.
  6. Shipping related matters.

Different transportation mode involves different operating procedures. You can click WHATSAPP to contact us for specific consultation.

The cargo types are diverse, different cargo have different transportation modes.

Our company is mainly engaged in the sea transportation of general goods, such as: cloth, leather, plastic products, small commodities, stainless steel products, general furniture, general kitchen utensils, hardware accessories, aluminum pipes/aluminum materials, general building materials, glass/tiles (wooden frames are required) ), ordinary LED lamps, stainless steel tubes, books, glass products, ceramic products, ceramic sanitary ware, daily necessities, hotel supplies, auto parts, motorcycle parts, molds, mahjong machines, wires and cables, small electrical appliances (induction cooker, electric kettle, microwave oven , fans, ovens, etc.), electronic products, domestic brand air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, TVs, large electrical appliances, desktop computers (unlicensed), children’s toys, machines, etc.

Other sensitive goods such as batteries, food, food seasonings, cosmetics, skin care products, shower gel/shampoo, detergent, liquid, etc. need to be confirmed separately

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