Sea Transportation from China to Thailand

CHONGQING EVERLAST INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING CO., LTD is committed to international freight forwarding services such as FCL sea transportation, LCL sea transportation , rail transportation, and multimodal transportation, including cargo collection, booking, consignment, warehousing, packaging, container unpacking, distribution and transit and related short-distance transportation; customs declaration , agency freight shipping insurance; consulting business and other international freight forwarding business and integrated logistics business, provide favorable shipping fee and excellent service. This article introduces the international cargo sea transportation services provided by our company from major ports in China to ports in Thailand.

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Main Sea Transportation Business

1) Thailand FCL container sea transportation

 FCL sea transportation (Full Container Load refers) to the direct shipping of the full container by international freight forwarding to the port designated by the consignee in Thailand,

FCL sea transportation includes two situations:

One is the traditional FCL sea transportation. At this time, all the goods in the entire container belong to the same buyer and come from the same supplier. They are transported in standard 20ft containers or 40ft containers. Customer can transport the goods to our warehouse by themselves, or contact us to arrange trailer transport services to pick up the container from the supplier loading address;

The second is the new type of container FCL sea transportation. At this time, the goods in the container belong to the same buyer, but the suppliers from different regions. The seller will deliver the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarding agent, then the freight forwarding agent checks the information of the goods with the buyer, then start integrated loading, and arrange customs declaration and delivery.

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2) Thailand bulk cargo LCL sea transportation

LCL cargo sea transportation (the full name is less than container load), means that after the freight forwarding agent receives small batches of goods from multiple cargo owners, they classify the goods according to the nature and the destination port, then collect the cargos into a certain quantity and packed into container for cargo freight forwarding. Because the goods are from different owners, it is called LCL.

In this way, customers can deliver the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarding agent by themselves, or contact freight forwarding agent to arrange truck to pick up at the factory location. After collecting the goods, freight forwarding agent will carry out the classification, loading, booking, customs declaration and other processes, and send the bulk cargo to the different ports in Thailand which designated by the customers.

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Port of Departure for the Sea Transportation from China to Thailand

Many ports in China can do shipment to major basic ports in Thailand. The ports of departure in China include Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Direct flights or transfers to major ports in Thailand are available.

Generally, the ports which close to the goods location and have more complete storage and transportation facilities are preferred, and factors such as the shipping fee are comprehensively considered too.

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Destination port for shipping from China to Thailand

Bangkok is the most convenient city for freight forwarding from China to Thailand. No matter FCL, LCL, air, express, Bangkok is the easiest to arrange. Other cities, ports or airports can also arrange transit according to different situations. Bulk cargo is usually delivered by transit in Bangkok, the FCL can be booked to the designated port, and then the customs declaration and trailer transport services etc. can be arranged accordingly.

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1) Main port – BANGKOK

BANGKOK is the main port on the Southeast Asia freight shipping routes, it is the largest port in Thailand and one of the top 20 container ports in the world. The BANGKOK port area is mainly composed of two port areas–east and west. The west area mainly berths ordinary ships, which are used for loading and unloading ordinary goods, and provide domestic and international berthing services. The east area is mainly based on containers cargo, loading and unloading container goods, and is equipped with mechanical loading equipment.

Along the Chao Phraya River estuary to the north, there are several Bangkok port terminals, such as BANGKOK BMT, BANGKOK PAT, BANGKOK SCT, BANGKOK SHCP and BANGKOK TPT

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2) Other ports

In addition to transportation to BANGKOK, we also undertake cargo freight forwarding business to other ports in Thailand, such as Laem Chabang, Lat Krabang, Songkhla, etc. the Phuket Port usually transits via Port Klang, Malaysia.

How much does freight shipping fee from China to Thailand?

Under normal circumstances, shipping company charge FCL shipping fee by container model, for example, shipping fee per 20 ft container, shipping fee per 40 ft container etc. The shipping fee from China to Bangkok, Thailand is about USD 1500 for a 20 ft container, and about USD 3000 for a 40 ft container.

LCL shipping is based on the volume and weight of the goods to do shipping fee accounting, means they quote shipping cost per cubic meter and shipping fee per kg, and the larger one of the two is selected to be charged. Different shipping companies have different charge standards.

Since the shipping fee price varies slightly with the season or the specifications of the goods, the above shipping fee is only for reference. If you need an accurate quotation, please click WHATSAPP to contact us.

Our advantage

• Comprehensive freight forwarding services, including: booking, customs declaration, inspection declaration, freight shipping insurance, land transportation, warehousing, container consolidation and devanning, settlement of shipping fee and miscellaneous charges, and overseas agency designated goods services, with comprehensive service capabilities to customize personalized logistics solutions.

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• Have long-term close cooperation with COSCO, EVG, MSK, MSC, EMC etc. famous shipping companies, enjoying very competitive shipping fee and sufficient space guarantee.

• Have many advantageous freight shipping routes, such as Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Red Sea and other near-ocean routes, and Australia-New Zealand, Europe, America, Africa and other ocean routes, can meet the needs of customers more widely.

• We can design reasonable routes according to customer needs, and provide all-round services such as tracking of goods throughout the journey, which is helpful for customers to understand progress, arrange follow-up work, and improve efficiency.

• Professional international shipping staff will communicate with you in time to provide you with extended services related to freight forwarding from China to Thailand, so that customers can enjoy a better freight forwarding services experience.

The container type usually used for general cargo in sea transportation is ordinary container (also called dry container). The commonly used container sizes mainly include the following three types:

1. 20 feet container (20’GP): 20ft container size is 5.89*2.35*2.39M (L*W*H), Theoretically, it can load 30 CBM, the actual load 25—27CBM, and load weight 18—23 tons.

2. 40 feet general container (40’GP): the 40ft container size is 11.89*2.35*2.39M (L*W*H), the theoretical load 60 CBM, the actual size is 55-57CBM, and load weight 18-23 tons.

3. 40 feet height container (40’HQ/40’HC): the inner size is 11.89*2.35*2.69M (L*W*H), its theoretical installation is 73 CBM, the actual installation is 68-70CBM, and 18-23 tons.

In general, a 20 ft container is suitable for shipping heavier goods, and a 40 ft container is suitable for larger and lighter goods. For the container model choice of different quantity cargo, our preliminary suggestions are:

1) When your goods are about 15-28 cubic meters, you can choose a 20’GP

2) When your cargo is about 30-55 cubic meters, you can choose a 40’GP

3) When your cargo is about 55-68 cubic meters, you can choose a 40’HQ/40’HC container

Kindly note these suggestions are only for your reference of general cargo freight forwarding. The finally plan should formulate base on the cargo situation. Welcome to contact us for more detailed consultation.

There are many liners shipping companies from China to Thailand, have direct liners and transfer liners. Different departure ports have different liner routes. There are more direct liners from the departure ports in South China, while most of the departure ports in North China require transit. It depends on the destination port in Thailand.

In addition, different shipping companies have different advantageous freight shipping routes, different transportation times, and different shipping fee rate. A case-by-case analysis is required.

Our company has established long-term and stable agency cooperative relations with shipping companies such as COSCO, CSC, MSC, CMA, EVG etc. The shipping fee is more favorable, and have more options for customer. We will recommend suitable shipping companies and transportation plans according to the specific needs of customers, to make customers have better freight forwarding services experience.

If your goods are ordinary goods and not in urgent need, you can choose sea transportation. When the goods are larger than 15 square meters, you can consider the FCL sea transportation of 20 ft container and 40 ft container (about 10-15 days); if the goods are only a few cubic meters, or the weight is only a few hundred kilograms, LCL shipping can be considered. If there are certain requirements for timeliness, road transportation (7-10 days) can be selected. If the time limit is higher, air transport is better (about 3 days).

The main international cargo transport mode include sea transportation, land transportation (including rail transportation and road transportation), air transportation and multimodal transportation. The cargo owner generally formulates a freight forwarding plan according to the situation of his own goods and the urgency of the demand for the goods, and selects the corresponding transport mode to effectively achieve the purpose of transportation.

Each transport mode has its own characteristics and applicability, we suggest you to consider comprehensively when choosing. You can click this article International Cargo Transport Mode and Their Applicability “.to learn more.

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If you want to get a shipping fee quotation, you need to provide below information: the name of the goods, the quantity of the goods, the packaging of the goods, the size of the goods, the weight of the goods, the mode of transportation, the location of the goods, the specific address of the consignor, the port of destination, the specific address of the consignee, then you can get the approximate shipping fee.

It should be noted that shipping fee calculator are everywhere online, but the shipping fee obtained through the shipping fee calculator is generally inaccurate, the final shipping fee still needs to get from the staff. Welcome to contact us for further information.

If you have goods to be transported from China to Thailand, you must first determine the  transport mode .according to the situation of the goods. You need to know what kind of goods you want to transport, the quantity of the goods, the volume of the goods, the packaging of the goods, whether there are time-limited requirements for the goods. Base on this, it is determined to use LCL or FCL sea transportation, or by land and air.

The basic cargo freight forwarding process is as follows

1. Confirm the transport mode.

2. Confirm the shipping fee.

3. Confirm the warehouse address of freight forwarding agent and shipping mark etc. 

4. The shipper deliver cargo to freight forwarding agent warehouse.

5. Freight forwarding agent confirms the goods information with the guests after receives the goods.

6. Shipping.

There will be some differences in the operation process of different transportation methods, you can click WHATSAPP to contact us for specific consultation.

China has a vast land and abundant resources, and the cargo types are rich and diverse. Different types of goods have different freight forwarding requirements.

Our company is mainly engaged in the international freight forwarding of general goods, such as: leather, cloth, plastic products, small commodities, ordinary furniture, kitchen utensils, hardware accessories, ordinary building materials, glass products, ceramic tiles, ordinary lamps, glass products, ceramic products, living bathroom, Daily necessities, auto parts, motorcycle parts, mechanical and electrical products, wire and cable, small electrical appliances (induction cooker, electric kettle, microwave oven, fan, oven, etc.), electronic products, domestic brand air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, TVs, large electrical appliances, computers (unlicensed), toys, machines, etc.

Other sensitive goods such as batteries, food, granules, cosmetics, skin care products, body wash/shampoo, detergent, liquid, etc. need to be confirmed separately.

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