Sea Transportation (FCL transportation)

CHONGQING EVERLAST INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING CO., LTD  is a freight forwarding company specializing in services related to international cargo sea transportation, specializes in FCL sea transportation business (FCL transportation means the sea shipping for cargo loads large enough to fill a full container, We combine local expertise and personalized service to provide a one-stop shipping solution, including free freight shipping quote, booking, freight forwarding customs brokerage services, commodity inspection, warehousing, freight forwarder insurance agency, inspection and quarantine agency, fumigation, door-to-door etc., services, can meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

Our sea transportation advantages:

  • 1. Favorable shipping fee

We have close cooperation with high-quality shipping companies such as EVG (Evergreen), COSCO, CSC, MAERSK, YANGMING, MSC, CMA etc. have very competitive container shipping price. You can save yourself from hassle of freight negotiation with shipping companies.

  • 2. Reliable shipping space guarantee

As a first-class freight forwarder, our company has directly signed contract with the shipping company to ensure sufficient shipping space. Especially in the peak season of transportation, even when the space is tight, we can give priority to the space from the shipping company to ensure our customers can do freight shipping on time.

  • 3. Comprehensive and high-quality freight forwarding agent service

We have our own truck trailer team and customs declaration department, can provides truck trailer, warehousing and freight forwarding customs brokerage services. We have the advantage of inland transportation to ensure the goods can be delivered from the factory to the port on time. We will optimize the transportation plan for customers, from booking to customs declaration, to make every step can be completed more smoothly and efficiently.

  • 4. Strong professionalism

Our company has a professional team, proficient in customs procedures and port operation procedures, familiar with local customs policies, and know whether the goods have special restrictions or need to apply for special relevant certificates.

  • 5. Value-added services

We have rich experience in product transportation, and can also provide some professional advice on packaging, customs declaration, documents, etc. according to different products.

We can design unique transportation solutions according to your specific requirements, improve efficiency and save costs, and help you achieve your goals through efficient logistics.

Sea Transportation
sea transportation company

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