Trailer & Customs Declaration

CHONGQING EVERLAST INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING CO., LTD provides a full range of comprehensive shipping freight services such as customs declaration, warehousing, domestic and foreign freight forwarder logistics transport, and customer consulting services. We provide trailer transport services and customs declaration service to further reduce shipping fee, improve efficiency and bring better shipping freight services experience to customers.

Trailer Transport Service

We have our own truck trailer team, this gives us a great advantage in inland transportation, to ensure the timely delivery of goods from the factory to the port, it is also a strong guarantee for us to provide long and short-distance LCL bulk transportation and containerized goods transportation. And this also ensures the coordination of multimodal transportation.

Customs declaration
customs declare

Customs declaration service

  • We have a professional customs declaration team and rich experience in customs declaration and customs inspection.
  • We are proficient in customs laws, channels, and operational procedures.
  • We can provide customers with value-added services such as import and export customs declaration, refunds, packing lists and other customs declaration document, as well as agency certificates of origin, fumigation certificate and other shipping freight services.

These services can ensure the timeliness of customs clearance, effectively protect the interests of customers, and solve your import and export customs declaration problems.

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